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6 November 2023

Game on! Tackling teen obesity through sports

Obesity is a worldwide problem that affects many young people. It doesn't just affect the waistline, but also the lungs and heart. A study in Sport Mont examines how sport can be a game changer for overweight teenagers. Not only does physical activity guarantee weight loss, it can also improve breathing and boost self-confidence. Researchers show how being athletic can change a teenager's health history and relationships with classmates.

Take aways

  • Regular physical activity can help obese teens control weight, improve heart and lung health, and strengthen bones and muscles. Exercise can also enhance mobility, discipline, and self-esteem. 
  • Optimal outcomes require a comprehensive approach that addresses health concerns and provides ongoing support and guidance. 
  • Schools must incorporate regular and enjoyable activities that involve physical movement since students tend to be seated for long periods during school hours. This is not only beneficial to their health, but it also provides opportunities for bonding with their classmates and forming a community.

Study information

  • Who?

    60 teenagers (age range: 14-16, 50% male, 50% female)

  • Where?


  • How?

    The study examined 60 teenagers, weighing between 65-80 kg (143-176 pounds). They joined an indoor sports program for eight months to boost their coordination, rhythm, and team skills. It started with a focus on healthy eating and the significance of sports during adolescence. As the research advanced, the workouts became more intense and longer. Throughout the study, experts monitored the advancement of participants by conducting specific motor and lung function assessments.

Facts and findings

  • During an 8-month period, participants lost an average of 9% body weight.
  • However, the amount of weight shed varied: 26 participants lost 10% of their weight, while 16 lost 8%. Eight individuals barely experienced any change. 
  • Overall, boys lost more weight than girls. 
  • At the program's conclusion, participants celebrated not only their new appearances but also the significant reduction in stress and anxiety resulting from improved breathing techniques.