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Bitefile Mobile Marketing


  • Teenagers are a lucrative target group for mobile viral campaigns because they
    1. are very active mobile phone users, 
    2. feel a strong personal attachment to their phone, 
    3. find it important to stay connected with their peers.
  • Teens who perceive loyalty and commitment to a brand are more willing to “buzz” a campaign for that particular brand. Therefore, mobile viral campaign can be a powerful tool in the context of brand stretching (promoting a new product with a current brand). 
  • Mobile viral campaign can be effective in spreading “buzz” even when teens are not that interested in the advertised brand.
  • Mobile phones have huge potential as a tool to interact with traditional advertising (e.g., using the mobile device to scan QR codes in print ads to receive more information or discounts).
  • Mobile phones also have huge potential for location-based advertising (e.g., making ads more relevant and timely based on the location of a consumer via Bluetooth).

Risks and solutions

  • Due to privacy concerns and viruses, young consumers are increasingly unlikely to respond to SMS-based mobile advertising. Therefore, advertisers should find ways to deal with these problems. 
  • Give young consumers rewards like incentives and discounts that stimulate their acceptance of the privacy risks.
  • Make sure the campaign is personalized and tailor-made, with content, features, and applications that suit young consumers' individual needs.

Specific features

  • Motion pictures in advertisements are successful in creating positive initial attitudes toward mobile phone ads. However, this positive effect only last for a short period of time.
  • To positively influence young adults’ attitudes toward mobile phone advertisements over the long-term, it is wise to implement text and still pictures in the advertisement and leave flashy motion pictures out.
  • Advergaming campaigns on mobile social media are most successful in creating positive brand associations and awareness when:
    • there is a clear connection between the nature of the brand and the game 
    • the game is targeted at heavy mobile social media users
    • users are encouraged to discuss the game within their social network after playing it (for example by offering them an incentive).

Opportunities for health marketing

  • Texting can be used to effectively promote healthy behavior among teenagers
  • Specifically, texting
    • can be effective in creating a bond between teens and intervention-staff
    • should be sent only to inform youth about the intervention program.
    • should be sent preferably after school or in the evening.
    • should only be one-directional (i.e. from staff to youth), because of the privacy consideration of the staff.

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